Losing you.

And everyday that you remain gone, I cry to the stars about what I’ve lost.



She plucked until her hair was all aligned and waxed till her skin was raw, stuffed her body into a dress half it’s size, topped off with heels that made her feet bleed and as she walked out feeling like a stranger in her own skin only one thought ran through her mind, that this would be it, the day she would fit in, but she was a day too late, as society had already moved onto it’s next trend.

A matter of convenience.

I haven’t slept in days, because I know the second my eyes close, my dreams will play the story of us, how I loved you always, and you loved me when it was convenient.


All the what ifs and maybes that strung around her like chains, she left them behind and set herself free.

Wild and Free.

She’d given her soul to the rustle of the leaves that danced to the rhythm of the wind, and offered her heart to him whom she loved.
Now she’s a soul wild and free, enduring the occasional sting from a broken heart.

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