End of the line.

Don’t leave.
I need to know you care.
I need to know that it would matter if I was gone, that someone would miss me.
I need something to hold onto.
You’re my last thread of hope.



I see your smile in the shining sun.
I see your eyes in the brightness of the stars.
I hear your laugh in the whistle of the wind and your cries in the thrashing of the rain.
Your presence engulfs me everyday, though your body has perished, your soul remains in every good deed that happens in this world.
Wait for me, my love.
I don’t know when I’ll reach you, but I promise you that when I do. I’ll look at you with awe like it was the first time.


I loved you, and I still do.
But I have to move on now, so I’ve chosen the darkness, to get over you.
And once I get through this, I believe I will once again see the light.


I’m dusting away the remains of you in my heart.
I’m rebuilding my life. One without you.

Be Yourself.

Don’t be too fat.
Don’t be too skinny.
Don’t eat too much.
Don’t starve yourself.
Don’t dress like a slob.
Don’t dress like a slut.
Don’t show off.
Don’t act so petty.
Don’t date too much.
Don’t be a prude.
Don’t be too dark skinned.
Don’t be too light skinned.
Don’t be a know it all.
Don’t be stupid.
Don’t wear so much makeup.
You might want to use some concealer.
You’re a woman, be confident.
You’re a woman, know your place. You’re a guy don’t be so feminine. Just because you’re a guy, don’t act so heartless.
Don’t try too hard.
But don’t forget to fit in.

Despite all these condescending statements, let’s strive to find ourselves and live life without a sense of pretense.

Only You.

You held me up, when the weight of the world was on my shoulders.
You cried by my side, so my tears would not feel alone.
You gave me sight when I was blind.
You lent me your air when mine suffocated.
You spoke of my tale, when I my words failed me.
So, don’t doubt whether I love you.
There is no one. There can be no one else. There will be no one else.
Only you.


First she yearns,
Then she sheilds,
And then she craves,
Then comes the rage,
And when it ends, she yields.

A mess.

Like a moth drawn to flames,
I flew to you, in an instant.
I endured all the mind games,
as you grew by the day more distant.

You are perfection, said he,
and like a fool I blushed.
Sunshine and rainbows, all I could see,
while you ran away in a rush.

I cried, I whailed, a pathetic mess,
while you played around everywhere.
What’s wrong with her ; everyone took a guess,
It’s nothing, I’m just broken, looking for the pieces I left here.

Till we meet again.

You said to me, ‘Till we meet again’.
As you held onto me like there was no tomorrow, that’s when it really hit me, this was our last day, there would be no tomorrow for us.

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