If you don’t prioritize yourself, how can you expect others to?


Confused Romance.

You’re a breath away, but it feels like a mile.
If you aren’t here to stay, then put away that charming smile.
My heart is too fragile to handle any more strain.
So don’t make promises you’ll break and cause me more pain.

Harder to breathe.

My breathing gets faster,
The tears are ready to fall.
The days keep getting harder,
And in the nights, my demons call.

The torment never stops,
My soul drenched with fear.
And with every horrible second,
I pray my end is near.

Uniquely you.

We all have different personalities.
Different breaking points and different strengths.
So when you’re unable to do the things another is doing, don’t harrass your self with demeaning thoughts.
Take a deep breath and say “I am unique, I am different and that is my strength. And I will do everything I can to the best of my abilities.”


My exterior is cold and hard, unwilling to let anyone see my vulnerabilities.
But you, you somehow always saw right through me.


It’s just a look what harm does it do,
It makes my skin crawl.
It’s a was just a touch, don’t react to it,
If I don’t, my mind and my heart have a brawl.
If you speak out, it’s an embarrassment,
If I do or don’t, it’ll remain harassment.

Not the one.

I used to think, if I’d been pretty, if I’d been sexy, if I’d been smart, if I’d just been more. Maybe then we would have lasted.
But now I know, if you’d been the one. You would have stayed.


I shed a tear today.
And I was so happy at this.
Because finally after all this time, Through all these walls I’ve built, a tear found it’s way out.

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