Your eyes brought memories, your smile a bittersweet feeling, and your hands brought regret wrapped around a stranger.



One step after another.
Slowly and gently walking this ever changing path.
Ignoring the assumptions and hopes for what’s to come.
Towards the untold future, was the only way she would’ve made it.


Every movement was captivating,
you were a real life prince charming.
Brought back my belief in magic,
convinced me life wasn’t always tragic.
Said we’d never have to part ways,
cause no matter how far away true love stays.
So when the day for the end came by,
we held hands and withered into ashes in the wind.

Showcase Doll.

You tell me you think we are a chance worth taking.
These words, had they been said a mere two years ago would have brought me so much joy.
But now, after everything. I know you just a little too well.
I can practically hear the sexual frustration in your ‘I missed you’, and the loneliness you’re trying to fill in the ‘I want to give this another chance’ and the stench of alcohol in your ‘don’t say no’.
You break my heart. Over and over. But this just might be the worst of them all.
Because I see I’ve become so little to you, that you call me up for a trophy showcase only to bring your real prize back.

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