I spend my days wishing I could be transported to a field filled with wilderness.
Where nary a soul is found, and the only sounds are my breath and all nature has to offer.
I wish to be curled up with a book, stopping in-between to look around and be overwhelmed by my surroundings, so much so that I no longer crave to be taken in by words into a fantasy land.
I wish for this solitude away from all the cruelty of my world more than I crave the end.
But all I can do is get by hoping one day there’s more love than there is hate.


Red skies that mesmerize,
But nothing quite holds my sight,
Like that of your chocolate brown eyes.

Even when surrounded by beauty,
In a far away land filled with possibilities,
My heart still craves to be back in your arms in our city.

Constant change.

Nothing feels the same,
It’s the same old thing just a different pain.
It’s all down the drain,
We’re all caught up in vain.

Everything has changed,
But it’s all still the same.
People come and go,
But I only hurt when you pretend in my life you never came.

My heart beats still.

Dreamy days, make me forget my solemn ways.
Unprecedented laughter, I hadn’t heard my own voice so happy in so long.
The sunshine so harsh on our eyes, yet I’d never been so pleasantly surprised.
To see that I can smile once again without any tears to hinder,
Maybe broken pieces can be fixed once more too.


I’m caught in a daydream,
One where our hands clasped, hearts beat insync and foot prints painted like destiny.
A walk that changes everything, I see tears of joy covering my sight, the fading sunlight shining with your eyes.
I never want to be shaken awake from this daydream.
I wish I could live my days trapped in this fantasy where the hardest thing I have to do is to leave your side for but a moment.
But I don’t have this luxury, I am stuck in my reality, one where we’re slowly turning into strangers, losing our grip in what once was.

Painted skies.

Painted skies dance on by,
While I ponder about you and I.
The days feel numbered and the clock goes tik-tok,
So I put on my brightest smile and leave my worries on lock.
No one knows what the future may hold,
So instead of letting fear takeover, I’m letting go and willing to watch our lives in time unfold.

Always on my mind.

Late nights, silent moments,
Still breaths, and all that’s golden.
Never too far away, you held onto me,
Never too far a sway, we were tied together yet so free.
I wanted to believe that this was something new and beautiful,
But I soon realized, I was trying to relive my past, with the one who never leaves my mind.

Don’t forget to breathe.

Baby take a deep breath,
When the world seems to be spinning out of control,
Steady your step, don’t trip over and take a deep breath.
Even in your darkest moments let out those shuddered breaths, these are the moments that have an impact, these are the moments that fade away as you blossom.

Down the drain.

Look how the days passed by,
Moments flashed right before our eyes,
I end every night with a sigh,
Thinking about all the lies.

What’s become of us, what went wrong,
How’d we end up here, our worlds undone,
It’s like every heartbreak song,
Held hands torn apart right under the sun.

All those words and promises,
All that’s left are thoughts unsaid,
Nights are spent, finding the blemishes,
How we broke, and where we fled..

State of the World

These clouds so dark and heavy,
Waiting to let go of the weight upon their shoulders.
These winds so brisk yet fragile,
They can take on the world yet crumble with the dust.
These girls so smart and talented,
Put down as the weaker ones so they can never truly shine.
This world so vast and mysterious,
Dying each passing second, filled with people hell bent on ruling it all.

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