My heart beats so fast,
It’s a wonder I seem fine.
In this race of sanity I’m last,
You’ve got me on cloud nine.

Your smile, those lips,
You’ve got me under a spell.
So tender is your kiss,
I’ve never been treated so well.

This need I have, this thirst,
It can be quenched only by you.
The bubble we live in I hope it’ll never burst,
Cause you darling, are one of few.



Love surrounds the world,

But darkness conquered it first.

Stuck in between the both I’m lost.

Trapped in a life unwanted , where opposers remain throughout.

I struggle to find solid ground.

My heart broken once though cannot be repaired, breaks again and again.

Silently the faith within me fades.

My prediction on whats to come; a future filled with sorrow and agony.. I may be right.

All the late night tears, have now dried. Lost.

Little of my humanity seems to remain.

I now paint a facade and people believe it. While, my true-self is scared, scarred and locked away.

Laughter is the best medicine they say, but to me it’s become a mask.


Have a dream, but within your limits,

Enjoy life, but not too much.

Your aspirations with mine make sure it fits,

You do have rights, but don’t think they mean much.

I know best, for I am superior.

What do you mean I make you feel inferior?

Everyone should be independent my love,

But never forget you belong by the stove.


It’d been months since he’d left.
We’d promised no hard feelings, our separation was mutual.
It never made sense, he and I. We were so different.
We were two pieces of different puzzles.
These thoughts all ran through my head after our call.
He would be here any moment.
My heart had already begun racing, trying to catch a future where we ended up together.
He was here, he was still so perfect. So beautiful.
He said the words that were on my mind, he said all the words I’d hoped to hear, my heart nearly stopped, for I had found that there was a future, where we ended up with each other.
He didn’t get down on one knee, but the tears in his eyes shined very much like the diamond he offered to me.
We were two pieces from very different puzzles, but we were now starting one of our own. And all the pieces fit perfectly and it was a master piece.


“We know what’s best for you.”
“You’re just a kid.”
“You don’t know how the world really is.”
These statements, these were the words she’d heard her whole life.
‘Go for dance classes.’ , ‘But I want to learn how to calligraphy.’
‘What do you know? You’re a child. Do as I say, you’ll have a great future. Classes start next week.’
‘I know what I want..’, but her final words were unheard.
Her whole life had been decided for her from the second she was born. Everything was planned out to perfection.
With one flaw, no one cared what she wanted.
Fast forward to the future, here she is, an elegant, beautiful dancer. At least that’s what people saw, but inside her was a hardened heart. One that had rotten along with restrained dreams.


They’d been hiking for more than an hour, everyone was thoroughly exhausted, in the utter silence of the mountains, all one could hear was the pants and the sighs.

But all the whining aside, they’d made it.

They’d gotten to the top.

Looking around , the trees, the clouds, the clean unpolluted air, the distant waterfalls, the sun shining.

Everything was beautiful.

And as the locked arms and smiled and sat down just taking it all in.

They knew, fifty years down the line, no matter the place, with these people. This is what made things worthwhile.

This was home.


Love Maze.

I never thought I’d smile again,
I never thought I would trust.
I didn’t know then what I know now,
I didn’t know that I’d meet you.
My only truth was the broken heart,
My only truth was the pain.
Little did I know that I’d meet the one I’d love with all my broken pieces.


All those words unspoken,
the one’s that never quite got out.
These thoughts that just floated,
every time your name would sprout.
Years later, you’re long gone,
but these feelings still survive.
And she screams the words in a hopeless cry,
in hopes her heart might revive.

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