I’m not afraid of being in love.
I’m just tired of getting hurt.


A different light.

Sunshine and rainbows and darkness and dead ends.
They’re always here.
How we see them is the change.


Everything could crumble beneath my feet, but if you remain by my side I’d consider even a broken world paradise.


I’m a woman possessed.
That’s the only explanation for how you can make me the happiest person with one word, and then make me crumble with the next.
That’s the only explanation for all I’ve done for you. And how much more I’d do for you.


Stop trying to be society’s version of beautiful and look in the mirror, you already are.
Every distinction of yours, every flaw you see, it’s what makes you so unique.
We are each so different and that’s what makes us so beautiful.
Wear makeup if that is what empowers you, wear your bare face proudly if that’s what makes you feel good.
Don’t change yourself to fit the unrealistic ideals of beauty that media and society have forced on us.
Our “imperfections” are what makes each of us perfection.

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