“All I wanna be, I’ll ever wanna be is-is somebody to you!” – The Vamps ft. Demi Lovato. Couldn’t have said it better.

There are broken hearts, across the world, scattered. And every one of those hearts ache, to be loved, or even noticed. Anything but being alone.

But, there is another thing that these hearts, long for.

To be remembered by that person who broke them.

By the person who is the reason for their tears.

We just want to be somebody worthy of remembrance. We all want to leave a mark.

And at those times of fear, we wonder “Did I mean anything to him/her?”

All we want is to know that the person we gave our heart for, even though they returned it broken. We want to have meant something to that person.

A friend, an enemy or even as “that girl/boy”.

We just want to be recognized by the one we love, loved or trying to get over.