As I finished watching the second season of One Tree Hill for the second time, I realized something out of the blue and completely non-sync from my thought process at the moment.

There are about a million people around the world suffering with incurable diseases and the rest are either just learning about the cruel world or are whining about heart break or loss, like me.

I am a very miserable human being, I know that and I have years of evidence to prove it and even more years of evidence to support the reason for me being a very miserable person.

I know I am lucky in many ways. I have a family and friends and a roof over my head and food whenever I desire ( unless I’ve pissed off my mum and she refuses to feed me). And even though there are plenty of crappy things happening in my life at the moment, if I look hard enough I might find a silver-lining.

It may be the tiniest of moments but there is always a silver-lining, for everybody.