So, I’m in this weird position.

The guy that I like asked me sort of out and I said yes, and we went to this shop and he paid and said I could have whatever I wanted and everything was great and I thought for one moment that maybe things were taking a turn for the better. But then, our mutual friend came and sot of bombarded the whole thing (whatever it was) and then he was still like sort of hanging out with me and all. But later I heard him talking about the girl he liked and how he was gonna ask her out…

A friend once told me that life is just a weird circle of all things good and bad. All I’ve seen so far is the bad. I have never wanted to be one of those girls who let their world stop spinning because of some guy. And I’m not. I’m the kind that tells myself that I’m going to be over him and ends up crying in a corner of my class room or in the bathroom (yes, I know. Pathetic).

God! Why does Life just have to like but into everything perfect and ruin it!!!

And the suck-fest continues..


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