In my life so far, I have realized that I sometimes say things that I probably shouldn’t. So, I’m going to tell you guys the 5 things you SHOULD NEVER ask or say your parents.

  1. Their age. (Lets be honest. This one is a no brainer).
  2. Never EVER tell them or bring to their attention that you are obsessed with say a TV show. Trust me on this one. My dad got to know about my insane obsession with ‘The Vampire Diaries’ and then he started watching it, then came the ‘that show is the reason why you are filled with negativity’ talk. And that was not particularly fun.
  3. DO NOT tell them that you find someone hot, even its like an anime character or actor or whomever. NEVER. Parents like to think that their child of 15, 16, 17 (you know how the numbers go) are innocent and angel like.
  4. Their salary or bank balance. No parent seems to want to share this particular information with their children. I mean its not like we’re going to like spend money lavishly if we know that their bank balance is huge…. Oh, who am I kidding.
  5. And finally, when your drunk, just refrain from conversation with anybody in your family. And hide out till your sober.                                                                                                                                                                                                       I know that some of these things are like. NO SHIT SHERLOCK. But, yeah.