I Miss You

I miss your face and your smile..

I feel your absence in every room..

I’m not saying that I need you back. I just need to hear your voice..

There are so many words that I haven’t said…

I have so many regrets that ll never be fulfilled.

I’ll admit I think about you, but you’ll never do the same even when I know you do..

We had good times but the bad out does it all.. I just can’t take betrayal.

I used to  miss what we had and I still do sometimes, but more than that I miss the feeling of familiarity that was there when we talked.

I used to be able to tell you anything and everything. And that is something that doesn’t happen to me very often.

What we had was something rare and dangerous.

Rare because we are two people no one could see together and dangerous because we both knew that we’d end up burning as we began our journey.


3 thoughts on “I Miss You

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  1. I see you are the type of person who puts your heart and soul in to everything you do. So its about time someone puts there heart and soul into you. First you have to love self and tell yourself everyday that you are one of a kind and you are tottaly worth loveing and being respected and more. I’m just saying… I feel your words though. I deffenately understand how you feel and were your comming from. Keep writing and expressing!

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