October 2015

Moving On

With every new beginning in life.

We think back to the previous years, all the ┬ámistakes we’ve made.

And often wonder, what if I hadn’t done that or if I was brave enough to do something.. Would I not be the same person I am now if one of the courses that I chose had changed?

Those of us in despair, go back to the happier times and relive them. But sometimes those very moments of happiness, bring us more despair.

Everyone wishes to change a particular moment or moments from their past or want to live in the past rather than in the now.

But if these wishes of ours are granted then we’d all be stuck in one place, even if it is a happy one, we would be unable to discover the mysteries of the future and miss out on the possible joy to come.

Moving on is very hard, its easier said than done, but wishing the impossible isn’t going to get anyone closer happiness.


Irreplaceable….? Not So Much.

I’m sick and tired of crying and being miserably sad.

But it feels like the only thing which I’m emotionally capable of feeling.

I keep playing back a thousand different memories. Trying to figure out where we went wrong.

But all I see is how insanely happy we were and how life was never better.

Then, out of nowhere you shut me out and my life has never been worse since.

You once made me believe that I was irreplaceable, I was a fool to think it would be true.

You’ve already replaced me over and over.

Now you pretend like we never happened, like it was nothing at all.

And the way you’ve moved on so quickly, it makes me question every thing you ever said to me. Did any of the million words you spoke carry any meaning or value to you or were they just a bunch of random words you say to every girl.

Did I mean anything to you? This question. It haunts me everyday.

It haunts me because I’m terrified of its answer.

You don’t need to say anything, because you’re eyes give the answer away, when you look at me like I’m a pathetic broken toy.

Useless to you.


We are all faced with bullies at one point or another in our life.

And this often lowers our self esteem and makes us question ourselves as individuals.

But what we should learn is to ignore the people who’s always talking behind our back and move forward.

Those bullies who treat you like you’re a disgrace are going to do the exact same thing to someone else, because that is the only thing they know how to do. This is their way of making themselves feel better about their insecurities.

Those who fall victim to bullying, should not be bullied into silence and accept no ones definition of you but your own.

Make your anger so expensive that no one can afford it and make your happiness so cheap that its practically free.

A lot of problems in the world would disappear if we all talked to each other instead of about each other.

Letting go

It’s hard for me to process the fact you’ve changed.

I’ve realized that you’re not who you used to be.

But when you’re with me, you become that selfless, kind, caring and amazing guy that I always knew you could be.

But that’s only when your with me. The person you’ve become is much different from the person I knew and adored.

My heart still believes that you can change. But, its not my turn to try and change you. My turn has passed and you changed too. But the end of us, has turned you bad.

Its her turn now. The one you chose over me. And I hope she gives you what you’re looking for.

This does not mean that I don’t ever want to see you again. This just means that I’m letting go of our time together. I’m letting go of my feelings for you.

But if you ever find yourself in a crossroad wanting answers I’ll be hear, listening as you pour your heart out.

I’ll always be a friend you can count on and I’ll never hold against you the things that have happened.

But I just can’t let you change me again and I will never be the one to ask you to leave.


You make me obsess,

you make me dream,

you make me sigh and

you make me scream.

All of this put together makes memories.

And when will they leave my mind..? Only time will tell.

My heart you’ve used and played with. You left it broken.

Even though my wounds are fresh, my heart comes back for more.

Change better be found in the near future.

You think just because I stick around that I’m lost without you.

But if things don’t change..

I’ll be gone forever.


Boundaries, are not meant to be crossed.

You know this and still do it for play.

Haven’t I been hurt enough.

You mocked me, you pushed me down.

You know my past, the ache my heart goes through when it is brought back.

Yet, you feel the need to see my face squirm.

Making me cry, is your pass time. It’s what you enjoy.

The smile on your face almost as powerful as the break of my heart.

What have I ever done to make you treat me like this?

What do you have against me??

I guess I’ll never know..


A child is the apple of the mother’s eye.

The journey of life as it begins is full of happiness.

The first word, the first step and so on.

We explore the world with fascination and curiosity.

Over time, we start to understand the world we live in too well and wish for nothing more than to rewind the years and earn back our innocence.

But we’ll have to carry on, uncovering the difficulties and taking on the pressure put on us with a brave face.

In ancient stories and myths, soldiers and kings are considered to be the brave and the wise.

But those of us who go through life without faltering are the strongest people who have ever roamed the planet. They are the real warriors.

The Circle Of Life

When the people that I care about cry, I do whatever I can to turn their day around.

But when its me in their shoes, I have no shoulder to lean on.

I’m locked up in my room curled in the cold hard floor, the tears dripping uncontrollably.

I know this is partly my fault. I push everyone away. I hardly let anyone in.

But this does make me wonder, the people whom I call friends.. Do they really care?

Or is it me? Am I the reason for all my problems?

Loneliness, fear and pain are suffocating me.

They seem to be a trail leading me through the circle of life.


‘A physical imperfection is a fatal flaw and it will ruin your life’.

This is pretty much the value we are taught in present time.

And people go to extremes to change these “imperfections”, to please people.

But what they don’t realize is that these changes that they make or force upon themselves is whats fatal.

It can’t be undone.

They are scars you implemented on your self. Your stuck with them.

These people make themselves physically broken and walk around like kings and queens.

While real beauty is locked deep within the depths of despair.

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