I’m sick and tired of crying and being miserably sad.

But it feels like the only thing which I’m emotionally capable of feeling.

I keep playing back a thousand different memories. Trying to figure out where we went wrong.

But all I see is how insanely happy we were and how life was never better.

Then, out of nowhere you shut me out and my life has never been worse since.

You once made me believe that I was irreplaceable, I was a fool to think it would be true.

You’ve already replaced me over and over.

Now you pretend like we never happened, like it was nothing at all.

And the way you’ve moved on so quickly, it makes me question every thing you ever said to me. Did any of the million words you spoke carry any meaning or value to you or were they just a bunch of random words you say to every girl.

Did I mean anything to you? This question. It haunts me everyday.

It haunts me because I’m terrified of its answer.

You don’t need to say anything, because you’re eyes give the answer away, when you look at me like I’m a pathetic broken toy.

Useless to you.