Moving On

With every new beginning in life.

We think back to the previous years, all the  mistakes we’ve made.

And often wonder, what if I hadn’t done that or if I was brave enough to do something.. Would I not be the same person I am now if one of the courses that I chose had changed?

Those of us in despair, go back to the happier times and relive them. But sometimes those very moments of happiness, bring us more despair.

Everyone wishes to change a particular moment or moments from their past or want to live in the past rather than in the now.

But if these wishes of ours are granted then we’d all be stuck in one place, even if it is a happy one, we would be unable to discover the mysteries of the future and miss out on the possible joy to come.

Moving on is very hard, its easier said than done, but wishing the impossible isn’t going to get anyone closer happiness.


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