The different stages of having a crush

Feelings are complicated. Because most of the time, we feel something and have no idea what to do about it or where and why that feeling originated.

It can be quite annoying. Trying to figure out what’s going on inside our own heads.

For example, when we like somebody.

It drives us crazy.

There are numerous steps to having a crush.

  1. Attraction-  We find our friends with whom we’ve had a totally normal relationship with for years hot.

2. Confusion – We struggle with our new found feelings towards a person whom we’ve never before thought of in a non platonic way.

3. Denial- We try to deny to ourselves that we have feelings for this person whom we’ve barely even noticed in a sexual way ever.

4. Obsession-  We obsess over our feelings and that inevitably leads to enhancing these feelings.

5. Unnecessary jealousy- Seeing our significant other with anything with boobs pisses the shit out of you and you’re still not entirely over your denial phase so this leads to more confusion.

6. Awkwardness- Even though that the person you’re crushing on probably has no idea on how you feel, whenever your around him it just feels like everyone is watching you and that everything single word that comes out your mouth is just plain awkward.

7. Obsession- And we are back to obsession. Only this time we over analyze everything that happens between us and our significant other.

And after these stages it depends on how things pan out.

You either have a happy ending or not.

Simple to say, but very hard to experience.


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