I wake up every morning wishing the day would end because the reality is that you’ve moved on and forgotten all about what we had.

I ask myself over and over again if I’m still in love with you. And that poses as a trick question.I’m in love with who you were and somewhere along the way he got lost and now I’m left with the version of you whom makes me doubt myself, who makes me feel like no matter what I do or how hard I try I’ll never be good enough.

I know I should move on and maybe I even have. But I refuse to let go.

I refuse to let go of the way I felt about you.

I refuse to accept that what we had; so pure and perfect, is gone. I refuse to let go because you gave me so many beautiful memories and I don’t want to see you become just another memory.

If I do that I feel like I’ll be betraying you, the you I used to know.

I can’t let go because the way I felt about you is the closest thing to happiness that I have.