1. The person who tries to keep everyone happy is probably the loneliest.
  2. 90% of us make up scenarios in our heads that are most likely to happen never.
  3. We are more likely to get attracted to the person we have no chance with.
  4. A majority of teens are suffering from mental issues.
  5. That person whom smiles the most is the one who cries themselves to sleep.
  6. A song can change someone’s mood.
  7. Everyone gets their heart broken. Some of us gets it broken numerous number of times.
  8. When we give up on someone its not because we suddenly stop caring for the other person, its because we’ve finally realized that they don’t care about us.
  9. Most of us sleep not because we’re tired, but to escape reality.
  10. We all hold on to that one feeling we once had, who’s reason is gone.