Our eyes are the windows of our soul.

Look into mine and you’ll know.

That all the laughter and all the smiles, they’re just my way of holding back from letting others know how I really feel.

Look into my eyes and you’ll see a person who’s struggling to hold on to the last string of hope.

You’ll see someone damaged beyond repair.

You’ll see a puzzle with missing pieces. And you’ll see a broken heart.

But look at me from afar and you’ll see a happy soul.

Someone with no seeming problems. A carefree and ‘chill’ person.

I don’t live a lie. But a lie is what people see. This may not make much sense, to anyone but others as broken a me.

The eye is the window to our soul. And it also presents the key to our hearts.

But today, even as the truth walks by,

barely a glance away, we miss it.

And we miss our chance at a glimpse of connection with another, a glimpse of happiness.

Even with eyes we don’t see. Aren’t we all so blind.