I may be the piece of a puzzle in someone else’s life.

That doesn’t indicate that I’ve gotten my life figured out.

So, you who comes and tries to figure me out, tell me when you do. Cause I still haven’t .

And if you try to find all the pieces to the puzzle that I am.

Don’t be surprised if some are missing.

And if you ask me why I am the way I am, well the answer to that question can only be answered by a handful. Those who have left my life, those who remain but pretend like I don’t exist, those who betrayed me, those who I’ve betrayed, those who hate me and those who don’t.

I’ve made mistakes. Haven’t we all.

But the difference between me and the rest is, I’m stuck.

I’m stuck inside my own head trying to figure everything out.

Find out where it all went wrong. To find out where I lost my way.

I’m a puzzle stuck inside a puzzle.

And to help me find my way.. You’ll have to bring in a wrecking ball.



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