Its a very confusing process having a crush on someone.

Cause, you don’t know if they have feelings for you or not.

You get all these mixed signals from them, that’ll screw with your mind.

I hate having a crush on someone because once you get attached, it all becomes complicated.

And its a horrible feeling when they don’t like you back. But we can’t help who we like, its not up to us.

Your heart kinda just decides and then there is no turning back once your heart has made up its mind.

And its quite amazing really, when you first met the person you might have never imagined having a thing for them in a million years and then, out of nowhere its like BAM you like em.

Feelings make absolutely no sense. All they do is get us confused. And we spend hours trying to make sense of the way we feel only to end up where we began, confused.

I’ve always wondered why people call it a ‘crush’.

And after a couple mistakes, now I know.

When they don’t mirror the feelings you have towards them, that’s how you feel.



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