I lie awake tears welling in my eyes.
As the room starts to fill, I slip over to my lonesome corner.
Not that anyone noticed.
Being invisible comes in handy right now.
I lay down, curled up, tears falling uncontrollably.
Holding my stomach cause it hurts as I try to refrain from screaming out loud.
I already serve as a pain, the last thing I want is to be a bigger nuisance.
It feels like the pain, the ache in my heart is never ending.
I can’t confide in the comfort of loving arms, because I have none.
Fed up of the tears I make my final decision.
My eyes now swollen and bloodshot.
I can barely see the fading light.
The warmth of my blood keeps me awake.
And as I slip away, I reminisce in the good times.
Even though I had a tough ride, I still have happy memories.
My realisation comes too late,
as now no one can change my fate.