What are you supposed to do, when everything starts to crumble around you?

Because clearly what I do doesn’t work.

I get up everyday and pretend its all OK. I ignore the fact that when I’m left alone, even if for a minute tears spring to my eyes. I do this so I don’t seek attention. I really hate it when people tip toe around me as though I’m so fragile and am about to break any second (though this statement may be 100% true, I don’t like people acting like it).And I hide behind my well practiced ‘I’m absolutely fine and my world isn’t crumbling to pieces, so you can go now’ look.

I get degraded, then pretend like it doesn’t bother me.

I listen to loud music just so I can’t hear my thoughts.

I wish I was dead.

Then the next day it all happens over again.

What are you supposed to do when you’re left utterly and devastatingly alone and told that you are a waste of space?

What do you do?