Some people aren’t meant to be saved.

We want people to worry about us and when they do we push them away.

Because the very thought of letting someone in, trusting a person. Its very scary.

The fact that all a person says to you could be a lie. Just like the last time.

I am slowly destroying myself and no one has even noticed, so when one day I suddenly become visible to you and you come and inquire about my well being don’t expect anything.

You weren’t there when I needed you.

You believed my lies like the rest of them.

If you really cared you would’ve realized that the light in my eyes has long since burnt out.

If I really mattered to you I wouldn’t have to explain you’d just understand and even if you didn’t you’d be there for me holding my hand.

But all you did was walk, walk away from me when you saw the apocalypse hit and never turned back even when it missed.

This is what happened in the past and who’s to say the past won’t catch up with me again?