Even after all my failed attempts to comprehend love.

Even after the unbearable pain and suffering love has caused me.

Even after all those sleepless nights and those other nights where sleep was achieved by crying to the point of exhaustion.

I’m still holding out hope on love.

Because no matter the pain and agony it causes me.

That feeling of overwhelming joy you get when that special someone looks at you like you’re all that matters, is almost worth it.

But we all have a breaking point and I can feel that I’m nearing mine.

But here’s to one last try at feeling loved and finding that person with whom there is no requirement of filters and who is like a wrecking ball made of joy that has you voluntarily take down the walls protecting your heart.

Here’s to one last chance at putting yourself out there and letting someone in and being vulnerable, but without a single doubt in your mind because you know it’s not a mistake.