The scariest monsters are those that lurk within our soul.

And if we’re careless they might win.

I’m stuck in a prison called reality.

Where the guards are the spawns of Satan.

And there are two ways to get out of this hell.

Either endure the never ending suffering
give up.

I’ve been holding on for too long.
With the familiar feeling of agony.

And it doesn’t matter whether my eyes are open or closed, all I see is the same darkness.

I’m playing a game I have no chance of winning.

And I’m tried of losing.

The concept of ending the game becomes more attractive by the second.

I’m drowning slowly, watching the world go on. With just enough air in my lungs to barely get through the day.

But I’m tired of pretending like I’m fine.

I’m tired of trying to be strong and hold myself together.

I just want the pain to end.