When your happy you enjoy the music, but when your sad you understand the lyrics.

I have an amazing set of friends. I’m really lucky to have them in my life.
And when I’m sad they try their best to make me smile. But they also try to get me to talk about my feelings.
Yesterday was one of those days when they tried to get me to talk. And one of them said “She won’t break. I’m fed up with her”.

They think I don’t trust them enough to tell them. But, what they don’t see is, it’s better this way.
If I break, years of problems, frustration, anger, despondency and dejection will come rushing through.

And I’ve worked so hard to keep them all in check and try to hold it together.
I’m not going to lose it, not because I’m so strong that I can handle all the crap in my life.
I refuse to break because I’m far too broken to break again.