“Get over it”
“Things will get better”
“Try to move on”
“You’ll find someone else”
“He’s not worth it”
“You deserve better”
These so called phrases of support do nothing to the person it’s told to.
Because it’s easy to ask someone to get over something that could have  damaged them emotionally.
And it’s a very vacant promise telling a person who’s vulnerable that things will take a turn for the better, when the reason they’re in such a dangerous state of mind is because of trusting someone else who uttered the same exact words.
Moving on is a lie, as no one can ever truly move on. Whatever we experience stays with us always.
You’ll find someone else. This is probably one of the worst things to be told. Because you’ve probably heard it before, believed it and got your heart broken again.
He’s not worth it. Yeah, cause we’re idiots crying over someone who was totally not worth it. Yeah. That makes so much freaking sense.
You deserve better. Heard it before. Thought I’d found better. So much better.
But in the end I’m the one weeping in the corner of a curled up room, utterly bitter.
This is just a random rant turned into a post.
Hope it made some sense.