In all my life I’ve been told/ called many things; slut, bitch, best friend, sister, nice, whore, kind-hearted, useless, dumb, funny, worthless etc.
And as you can see they’ve varied across many levels.
But there are three particular things that have stayed with me over the years :
1. “I’d have better luck climbing the great wall of China than trying to understand you.”
2. “There’s nothing wrong with you, there’s just something about you that scares people away.”
And the more recent “Nothing ever stays with you does it?”
And I’m usually quite easy going with criticism.
But that last sentence, that was posed as a question.
That really got to me.
Because how do you answer that.
In a way I guess it is true.
I’ve had very few constants in my life.
Everything/ everyone do leave me.
I have no point to make.
This is just me accepting the fact that nothing will ever stay with me for long.