In need Of a Change.

We live in a world where freedom and safety of women is preached.
But why is it still that we, women are treated like the inferiority and looked at like objects.
If a woman is considered ‘fat’ you make her feel ashamed of herself with your judgemental looks and comments.
To others they may seem like just ‘words’, but to the receiving party they’re more than that. They’re statements of self-esteem reduction.
First a girl is fat, she gets thin, then she has bad skin, she goes to extremes to correct that, then it’s her hair, then her nails.
There’s always something wrong. Something to make us feel bad about.
When the world can find so many flaws in an individual, how about when women walking down the street are hooted at.
When we’re inappropriately groped.
When we are stared at like a piece of meat.
How are such disgusting and repulsive flaws of others overlooked as their “character” or worse is when someone tells you to “get over it” as it’s “no big deal”.
These are the matters to be dealt with.
Not what a girl wears, because that’s her own choice.
We need to sequence the order of priorities to be dealt with in our environments.


6 thoughts on “In need Of a Change.

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  1. You make some sad but very valid points. It’s sad the amount of times I’ve had someone, mostly strangers, comment on my skin or appearance when I’m without makeup. Why can’t we just be, and be accepted for who we are? Thanks for directing me to your blog, I’m glad I found you πŸ™‚

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