June 2016

Always and forever.

Seeing you after so long I expected things to be awkward and weird.
But it was like you had never left.
We fit like two peas in a pod.
And I realised everything I needed, to understand and comprehend my emotions over the past few months.
We could have had our happily ever after, but the time wasn’t right.
Yes, we’ll have left over feelings that will always remain.
But for now we’re both moving on from the mistakes we made after we lost what we had.
And who knows if the time is right, no matter when, it could be years from today and we could finally get our perfect love story.
Till then I will go my way and you yours, and all the while we’ll remain each other’s constant, hand to hold onto and friend forever.
I know this with utmost certainty because I fell for the person whom I was my true self with and no matter what happened or might happen in the future our friendship will never waver and neither will I.




Words never told.

There are so many things I wish I’d said when I had the chance.
I wish I would’ve told you that I love you.
I wish I would’ve told you that your the only one I want.
I wish I could tell you, I don’t regret any of our memories, the good, the bad, I love it all.
That I didn’t mind getting hit by the lighting as you were the thunder.
Now I sit here writing everything I didn’t say in the letters you will never see.


I see you desperately try to catch a glimpse of her.
And I see your smile when she returns your glance.
All the while wanting to pry my eyes out.
But still, not wanting to miss seeing you happy.
After every hurricane there is a brief rainbow.
I’m holding on only in hopes of seeing those colors so bright and beautiful.
My only question now is.
Will I get through this disaster?

Quote 3.

The last and final quote.
And I wanted this to be special and it is.
It is something that I’ve ha hard time putting into words but finally did.

“Silence is one of my greatest fears, because in silence is when the voices in my head are at their peak.
I’ve never squirmed as much as I do in the noise of silence.”

Quote 2

This will be my second quote from the three day quote challenge.
You know it’s true love when even after he hurt you all your actions still move towards a singular goal. To see him be happy and full of smiles. Even if they’re at the cost of your tears. “

Quote 1

I thought long and hard and I’ve come up with a quote which I think best expresses my emotions at this moment.
Thank you Daisy In The Willows for nominating me.

My quote for today is
Never let others opinions change the way you look at yourself. When things get hard the only thing keeping you going is how you see yourself and the thing that brings you down is the way you let yourself get affected by the world’s opinion.”


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