Always and forever.

Seeing you after so long I expected things to be awkward and weird.
But it was like you had never left.
We fit like two peas in a pod.
And I realised everything I needed, to understand and comprehend my emotions over the past few months.
We could have had our happily ever after, but the time wasn’t right.
Yes, we’ll have left over feelings that will always remain.
But for now we’re both moving on from the mistakes we made after we lost what we had.
And who knows if the time is right, no matter when, it could be years from today and we could finally get our perfect love story.
Till then I will go my way and you yours, and all the while we’ll remain each other’s constant, hand to hold onto and friend forever.
I know this with utmost certainty because I fell for the person whom I was my true self with and no matter what happened or might happen in the future our friendship will never waver and neither will I.


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