August 2016






Staring down into the well,
watching the flipped coins ripples.
Waiting for the miracle,
as a sudden bright light sizzles.
Then a breeze so light, like the touch of a flower,
washes by as all turned sour.
Alas, another moment of hope has been lost,
and time had gone by far too fast.
The light within me is dying away,
the fire is burning out.
Standing still yet in the wind I sway,
as my mind clutters with doubt.
Having taken one too many jabs,
I’ve finally had enough.
My mind is like a million open tabs
and life is just too tough.
Everything has been given.
All has been lost.
I sit back with a mind so driven.
Silently undoing my crimes; paying the cost.
Once I’d paid the piper
and been rid of my deal with the devil.
I cut all loose ends with a sniper,
and in my freedom I did revel.

Questions and questions.

Loving you is what keeps me alive and kills me inside.

Should I try to bury my feelings for you to protect myself from the agony you cause?

Only to tear myself apart because I’m not around you?

You’ve hurt me over and again.

Crippled me to shreds, unable to be whole again until you make it all okay.

This Love is the only real thing and everything else seems fake.

Though the reality scares me and I try to run away. I’m always caught.

I wish to change everything yet nothing at all.

Where will this lead us to?

Will fate turn against us or put us together?

A fleeting moment turned to eternity.

It scares me, the way a single moment with you seems everlasting.

How a devastating and tormenting emotion instantly turns to one of happiness because of a single word you uttered.

All the silence in the world wouldn’t bother me if I spent the time with you.

It all seems ironic, how just a year ago I would’ve laughed at the feelings that now overwhelm me.

Everything has changed in the blink of an eye and I wouldn’t dare go back to the way it was.

Today has been a long time coming and nothings ever felt more right.


I finally let go of my anxiety and all that had held me back.

I told you all that was on my mind.

I’ve never felt more alive than when I heard you smile.

My timing couldn’t have been worse yet perfect.

So I held back on the tears of joy and exhilaration when I heard you utter the words “someday”.

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