October 2016

Come back?

You will always be my first love. Though I believed you would be my last, I was wrong. 

I know I should move on.

And I’m trying to.

But I can’t help missing you.

I can’t help but miss the way we were.

The way you made me believe in love and life with just one look.

I can’t help but tear up when I think about the moments we spent together.

I’ll move on eventually,  this I’m sure of.

But as of now, I miss you.

I miss us.


Where are you now? 

It takes all I have in me not to break down crying.

The hope that kept me going has died, and I can feel my fire burning out. 

I thought I would handle losing you with grace.

The truth is I want you to be happy, with all my heart.

But I can’t pretend that it isn’t killing me to see that it’s her who makes you happy.

I guess I thought that if I could feel so much for you that maybe, you might feel something back.

I was wrong.

Whenever I stumbled you’d be there to pick me up.

Now that you’ve let go, I’m lost.



Hope kept me sane,
It had me believe.
Now it’s lost in a world so mundane,
And all I do is grieve.

Say No.

No more tears.

No more lonely nights.

No more fears.

No more frights.

When the one you love tears you down, get back up and turn around.

Because the people worth your time,  will expect nothing from you,  not a dime.

We don’t get happiness without sacrifice.

And that is to say no to your crimes.

Stilled Silence.

The world is filled with cries,

Of despair and joy.

The world is filled with sighs,

Of relief and grief.

Our world is filled with noise.

Yet, silence is what overwhelms me when I’m at my worst.


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