The One to Someone.

I’ve moved on.

I know this, because now when people mention your name I don’t immediately crumble into a pile of tears. And I don’t spend all my time conjuring up scenarios of us that will never happen in a million years.

But recently, I was telling a friend of mine that she should move on from her ex, but she left me baffled by asking me ‘Isn’t there a part of you that still thinks you guys may end up together?’

That’s something I’ve never thought about. But I did.

Yes, at a certain point in my life, I could’ve sworn that you were the one. That if there was a ever a person with whom I could’ve pictured spending eternity with, I would’ve said your name without thinking about it.

Because you were everything that I wanted in the person I wanted to call mine.

But you’ve changed, from the one you’ve gone to just someone.

I don’t know what the future holds.

Maybe you will miraculously turn into my Prince Charming.

But as of now. We’re friends, acquaintances. And that’s good enough.


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