February 2017


‚ÄčThere are so many things I wish I’d said when I had the chance.

I wish I would’ve told you that I love you.

I wish I would’ve told you that your the only one I want.

I wish I could’ve tell you, I don’t regret any of our memories, the good, the bad, I love it all.

That I didn’t mind getting hit by the lighting as you were the thunder.

Now I sit here writing everything I didn’t say in the letters you will never see.


You & I

Tears. Laughter. Anger. Happiness.

You made me feel it all.

In the end we were washed away by sadness, 

But our time together I won’t forget at all.

If I saw you years from today,

I know my heart will smile.

You were my first, I’ll never regret your stay,

You my love, were my secret mile.

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