March 2017

Behind The Shadows.

We have equal rights says the world,

so proud, so blind to reality.

First its women who were mistreated,

nowadays equality is a scarcity.

We’re cast aside for our color, gender, sexuality etc,

we are discriminated based on technicalities and genetics.

Even in a modern era, some minds are unfathomable,

the free world is a cage held together by parlour tricks.

Those of us, rejected by society,

we are but greatness withheld from within.

But I still believe one day the world will see,

the way we’ve been treated is a sin.


Sit Tight.

Everyday is brand new,

filled with adventure and fun.

I spend this time with my few,

taking all life has to offer under the sun.

My life is like a roller coaster ride,

which way it’ll turn I’m unaware.

And I stay still without taking a side,

letting all the haters bitch and stare.

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