August 2017

Back Then and Now.

​Back when the days were long and the trees were young,

A woman with dreams was repressed and sold in the name of marriage.

And millenniums since the same occurs, while all state humans to be free.


The beginning and The end.

​You. You’ve changed everything.

You came into my life like an unexpected drizzle and helped me get through every storm.

You were my everything.

You were my moon, shining in the dark giving me light.

Little did I know then that I was just one little star among your others.

I would’ve given you the world, but now I’m glad I didn’t, because I know you would’ve left me in the ditch and travelled with her.

In the end the light drizzle which provided me comfort, turned into the hurricane that would damage me beyond repair.

I’m broken for eternity as I still find hardship in letting you go.

You are still and will always be the source of my life and the means to it’s end.

With Time.

​Shamed because of her opinions, her race , her size, her face.

Shamed by strangers, by apparent friends, by other and by family.

She who once saw her obstacles as a phase.

Was now hiding in plain sight aimlessly.

With time, all the unusual stereotypes grew on her.

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