A man’s world.

She covered every inch of her body but her eyes, thinking that this would make her feel more secure, that this would prevent creeping eyes from looking at her with disgusting desire.

But as she walked those streets, nothing changed.

Cat calls followed her. 

Abusive words were thrown her way.

And she’d never felt more naked in all her life.

The fear inside of her rose again, taking control.

Her steps quickened, as did those behind her.

She felt like a prey, as the predators surrounded her.

She knew there were dozens of ears that heard her screams and pleas and turned the other way.

And as her seeming end came near, she closed her eyes and could see all those she held near.

She then decided to write her own fate, and fought back with all her might.

After much struggle, the prey had bested its predators, she’d been victorious, and still society called her violent, said she was to blame, for it was she who taunted the men into abusing her.

” If only she’d dressed more appropriately.” They said.

That’s when the sad reality hit her. Despite every fact proving that she was not to blame, it didn’t matter. She then understood.

It really was a man’s world.


You Never Walk Alone.

Surrounded by people full of smiles, he borrowed a mask and did as was expected.

All his emotions bottled up, he was slowly drowning.

Going in circles, he was losing his mind.

Then he stumbled upon six more like him.

After a moments notice he knew he’d found what’s been missing.

The friends he’d wanted and the brothers he didn’t know how much he needed.


She thought heartbreak was the worst she’d face,

When depression came knocking.

Fingers crossed, hoping it was a phase,

Then the light disappeared, with anxiety blocking.
All seemed lost and time went too fast,

She just wanted to leave the city,

A while after, a weight lifted, past was past,

And she found serendipity.

Love Yourself.

After what seemed like forever,

A  light appeared.

All ties had been severed,

Hope was near.
No longer held down by her fears,

She was finally serene.

No more puffy eyes, no more tears,

She’d reached beyond the scene.

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