Be Yourself.

Don’t be too fat.
Don’t be too skinny.
Don’t eat too much.
Don’t starve yourself.
Don’t dress like a slob.
Don’t dress like a slut.
Don’t show off.
Don’t act so petty.
Don’t date too much.
Don’t be a prude.
Don’t be too dark skinned.
Don’t be too light skinned.
Don’t be a know it all.
Don’t be stupid.
Don’t wear so much makeup.
You might want to use some concealer.
You’re a woman, be confident.
You’re a woman, know your place. You’re a guy don’t be so feminine. Just because you’re a guy, don’t act so heartless.
Don’t try too hard.
But don’t forget to fit in.

Despite all these condescending statements, let’s strive to find ourselves and live life without a sense of pretense.

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