Love Yourself.

After what seemed like forever,

A  light appeared.

All ties had been severed,

Hope was near.
No longer held down by her fears,

She was finally serene.

No more puffy eyes, no more tears,

She’d reached beyond the scene.



Caught in a lie,

Her first love struggled. 

Surprised by her own reflection,

She was finally awake.

She could now begin,

Put aside her stigma.

Sunshine indeed came after darkness,

Listening to his mixtape.

The beginning and The end.

​You. You’ve changed everything.

You came into my life like an unexpected drizzle and helped me get through every storm.

You were my everything.

You were my moon, shining in the dark giving me light.

Little did I know then that I was just one little star among your others.

I would’ve given you the world, but now I’m glad I didn’t, because I know you would’ve left me in the ditch and travelled with her.

In the end the light drizzle which provided me comfort, turned into the hurricane that would damage me beyond repair.

I’m broken for eternity as I still find hardship in letting you go.

You are still and will always be the source of my life and the means to it’s end.

With Time.

​Shamed because of her opinions, her race , her size, her face.

Shamed by strangers, by apparent friends, by other and by family.

She who once saw her obstacles as a phase.

Was now hiding in plain sight aimlessly.

With time, all the unusual stereotypes grew on her.

Not long enough.

​The sun had just started to rise,

He’d been up a while, looking at his child’s mother,

thinking how his decision was indeed wise.

It had always been her and no other.
They’d been luckier than most he knew,

but he was still sad, it all happened so fast.

Memories without her in his mind were few,

But he craved for more, as the pain in his chest told him this would be his last.

Yet again.

​”Don’t look back. The past is dangerous and you have to live in the present.” Her mind whispered.

But all she could hear was her heart beating in the rhythm of their song, and in the blink of an eye, she gave up her future to live in the past with him.

Barely Sane. 

​I’ve become like a walking corpse.

I smile, I talk, I laugh, I cry.

But all the while I’m dead inside.

I inflict pain upon myself to feel.

And in a weird way, when I’m tearing apart my skin with the tip of a blade, is the only time I feel alive.

It’s the only thing that allows me to know that I can still feel.

The insanity in what I do is what keeps me sane.

Can’t Miss That Smile.

​I see you desperately try to catch a glimpse of her.

And I see your smile when she returns your glance.

All the while wanting to pry my eyes out.

But still, not wanting to miss seeing you happy.


​The pain washes over me like a tsunami.

I can feel me heart break and shatter to an uncountable number of pieces.

And your completely oblivious.

I’m breaking slowly.

My nightmares and reality have become one.

I’ve shut everyone out only no one cares.

I thought that I’d shut myself off trying to be invisible. Only to realise I needn’t try at all as I was invisible to everyone except in their time of need all along.

Now I’m just a worthless piece of scrap no one seems to have any use for.

And all these revelations send me deeper into the depths of depression.

Only, No one is there to pull me out.

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