A smile was constant of her face as a child,

You could always know when she was near, just by the sound of laughter.

As she got older, not only did her features change, but so did her smile.

As a child oblivious to the world and it’s cruelties, she was treated to rainbows and sunshine.

But as an adult who has and is experiencing life in all it’s gory, the child in her died.


Save me.

 “Pathetic” “Worthless” “Stupid” “Slut”

These were the more recent words she’d been treated to.

These were the words that spewed from the mouths of those who were closest to her.

She felt alone, and was staring into a pit of darkness and there she found an old friend. One who she’d fought using all her might to rid.

But now, after all this while, she realize this was her only constant.

Her fight drained.

She shook hands with her companion and jumped without a thought into the pit.

And that was the moment when all hope abandoned her and depression won.

I need you.


This was what you’d hear as a description of him. 

That and lonely.

But he didn’t care.

He had a plan, and he wouldn’t stop till he got what he’d wanted. What he’d dreamed of for so long. He’d get it all, because he deserved it.

Life had never been easy.

All he’d ever gotten were lemons to the point where he was just sour.

But deep down, even he knew.

All his clamour and hard work. None of it meant a thing. 

Until he heard them boast to their friends.

About the son who’d done well.

Who’d made them proud.

No matter how grown.

Nothing had meaning without the approval of those who birthed him.

Because no girl could take the place of his first love, and no friend mattered as much as his very first.

Spring Day.

I keep saying I’ll forget.

Keep saying I’ll move on.

You’re my best friend.

But still, I crave for more.

I want you to be happy, I do.

And I realize it’s selfish wanting your happiness to stem from me.

I’ve tried to stay away, but you need a shoulder to lean on, and I’ve taken that place.

I forfeit. I give up.

I’m going to let time work its magic.

As, at the end of the day, you are and will always be the spring that melted my cold lifeless heart.


Life can pass us by so fast.

Life can make us wish, it would go by faster yet.

Life can make us wish time would stand still.

Life can make us wish for more time.

Life can make us wish for death.

While you’re going through all of this.

Don’t forget to breathe.


He’d always been the geek,

never got through a day without a bullying streak.

Everyday he’d deal with idiots who were high,

they’d break him and push him, little did they know he would fly.

Just One Day.

It seemed too good to be true.

And they were right.

They only got a day.

The hours were too small, and the night went by too fast.

But the memories of that day lasted for much longer than twenty four hours.

Those were the memories they thought back to, in a hospital bed, with a few seconds left.

I will see him again.

I will see her again.

And a smile sprung to their shrunken lips.

As their eyes closed in peace, allowing the light to overwhelm them.

Their eternity had only just begun.

Pied Piper.

She was trained to do as she was told.

No opinions, no voice, no life of her own.

And she could forsee no change in her future.

She’d accepted that her life would be nothing but the struggle to survive.

She’d accepted that she would never be truly alive.

Then an unknown came into her life.

He didn’t show up like a light, or a miracle.

He showed up like a dream.

Sudden and unexpected.

He came for her like a whirlwind.

And she was blinded and breathless.

And when she regained consciousness, she’d expected things to go back to ‘normal’. 

Expected the dream to have ended, expected her nightmare of a reality to have regained.

But he remained.

And his voice was the tune she moved to now.

No more orders, no more terrors.

She was free.

And her heart followed his, as they forged their own path.

She was his and he was hers and together they were an army that marched through the hurdles of life.


She thought heartbreak was the worst she’d face,

When depression came knocking.

Fingers crossed, hoping it was a phase,

Then the light disappeared, with anxiety blocking.
All seemed lost and time went too fast,

She just wanted to leave the city,

A while after, a weight lifted, past was past,

And she found serendipity.

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