Behind The Shadows.

We have equal rights says the world, 

so proud, so blind to reality.

First its women who were mistreated, 

nowadays equality is a scarcity. 


We’re cast aside for our color, gender, sexuality etc,

we are discriminated based on technicalities and genetics.

Even in a modern era, some minds are unfathomable, 

the free world is a cage held together by parlour tricks.


Those of us, rejected by society, 

we are but greatness withheld from within. 

But I still believe one day the world will see,

the way we’ve been treated is a sin.

Sit Tight.

Everyday is brand new,

filled with adventure and fun.

I spend this time with my few,

taking all life has to offer under the sun.

My life is like a roller coaster ride,

which way it’ll turn I’m unaware.

And I stay still without taking a side,

letting all the haters bitch and stare.

Never Alone.

He awoke to the sound of her crying,

sleep deprived he took her in his arms.

He whispered rhymes and promised he was trying,

but it was all in fain, a baby needed a mother.


He was exhausted and close to tears,

this is not how he’d expected his days to be.

Losing his little girl was the biggest of his fears,

and he didn’t know what to do.


And as she finally settled down and looked him in the eye,

he saw that he wasn’t alone.

Though he was a single father, his wife’s memory will never die,

all he’d have to do was look for her in his babies smile.

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3) I am terrified of the concept of love.
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5) I used to be a push over and always put others in front of myself even when I really didn’t want to.
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Here I come.

I’m both relieved and terrified that 2016 has come to an end.

I’ve lost a lot of people this year, but I’ve also realized that there are  few people who will never leave me.

I’ve been in love, gotten my heart-broken, tried and failed to move on and successfully moved on.

And to think that all of this has happened to me in just a year, has reminded me of how life passes us by.

I’ve never been big on New Years Resolutions, mostly because I never carry out any of them.

So, this year I’m not making any. Instead I’m promising myself, to enjoy life and all it has to offer. Even if that means doing stupid things, like eating a whole pizza then be sick for the rest of the weekend.

I don’t expect that this year is going to be any different from any other.

There will be obstacles in my way.

But there will also be opportunities.

I refuse to be pushed around and used. I’m my own person. And I like myself just the way I am.

And I am not going to change myself to please others.

So, here’s to a Brand New Year.






I was watching ‘The Fault In Our Stars’, and right about the point where Hazel Grace says ‘ Funerals are not for the dead, they’re for the living.’

And that’s when I realized.

We’re all focused on what happens to us, we never stop to think how it’ll affect those around us.

We go through the journey that is life, thinking that it’s purpose is finding out how we end up.

But it’s about the effect we have on people.

If we ever get the chance to make some one’s life for the better, then isn’t that something that makes the life we’ve lead worth something?

Doesn’t that give our life a sense of purpose?

Obviously we need to put ourselves first too.

But what is life, if it’s all about you?

Unintentionally Hurt You.

I’ve been blinded by love before,

but now I can see.

The love that I’d felt through my core,

someone else had felt the same about me.

I’d been so fixated on you hurting me that I lost my way,

and I stumbled to find a light.

But I’d hurt another who loved me, I see that today,

he loved me, I loved you and it all ended in a fight.

We’re all so fixated on what we’ve lost,

we lose track of what we have.

I hurt him, the same way you hurt me, I guess that was my oversights cost,

now I’m in pieces and so is he who loved me, in the end we’re all end but halved.



I Remember It All.

It’s getting insanely frustrating for me.
The hold that you seem to have over my heart and mind.
I keep telling myself you’re not worth it. That it’s all for the best that you and I didn’t work out.
And every time my mind convinces me that I’m over you, that I’ve moved on.
I see a drawing of Pokemon and remember your childlike smile as you showed me your first sketching.

I see the pouring rain and think of that day we spent goofing around, splashing about in the rain and planning out our future together.

I wake up in the middle of the night, and remember all those times you called somehow knowing that I would be awake.

And even now when I need to vent, you somehow know and call saying you felt like hearing my voice and suddenly all my problems disappear.

I keep telling myself I’ll get over you, all the while remembering the countless moments that scream to me. Begging me to hold on.

Because regardless of what’s happened, regardless of our obvious flaws.

I see my mind flooded with memories of us, all the tears and smiles.

And I’m happy.

You were my first love.

And, I can’t help but hope you’ll be my last.




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